You can pay your order katathetontas the value of one of the following bank accounts.

Bank Accounts:
  • 204002101025851
  • IBAN: GR8101402040 204002101025851
  • Kyriakides Lefteris.
  • 0026-0471-78-0200189522
  • IBAN: GR4802604710000780200189522
  • Kyriakides Lefteris.
  • 104/641075-89
  • IBAN: GR1001101040000010464107589
  • Kyriakides Eleftherios

Now you can pay your order via Paypal at or by credit card through Viva Payments.

Caution: In order to complete the order should first inform us to complete the deposit at the following numbers. Tel: +30 2291301767.